Archive Projects


1. GLOSS Transition Programme

Manifesto pledges: 6 and 7
Snapshot: With the close of GLOSS arts education agency in 2011, CG committed to addressing its aims with the remaining funding. CG members submitted proposals and a range of initiatives were selected to trial our approach of supporting grass roots activity. There was a huge range of high quality work, and the evaluation of the initiative is available here.
Priorities: To ensure that the valuable work, particularly with young people with additional needs, is still supported when youth and extended services arts budgets are no longer in place.
Coming up: CG continues to work with its members to identify commissioning opportunities.
Key People: Cinderford Artspace, Roses, GDance, SVA, Everyman.
Investors: ACE, GCC

2. Arts Inc

Manifesto pledges: 1 and 4
Snapshot: Arts Inc was a programme of consultation, review and strategic development to find more effective ways for arts organisations specialist in inclusion to work together, establish how they could better work with VCS sectors and communities, and develop joint policies, strategies and initiatives.
Priorities: Exploring potential for a joined up evaluation system to develop a robust evidence base for all work with excluded or marginalised groups. Identifying a realistic approach to investment in well-trained, specialist leaders and a robust on-going support structure for them. Resourcing an annual Arts Inc Lab, one of the most exciting outcomes of the project. A film of the first lab is available here.
Coming up: The Arts Inc team is seeking ways to develop and embed the findings and recommendations from the Arts Inc initiative.
Key People: GDance, Art Shape, Fairgame Theatre Company.
Investors: GCC Performance Reward Grant.