Have your say at CG Members Meetings

What happens at a Members meeting?

To ensure our Members get the most out of meetings, our sessions explore a different topic or focus, lead by a range of invited presenters.  Each meeting lasts around 3 hours and topics are chosen by you, facilitated by an expert in the area.

There are 3 components to each meeting: 

  1. An update from Gloucestershire VCS Alliance, to keep members up to date with a wide range of opportunities and issues for VCS organisations in Gloucestershire.  

  2. Exploration of a chosen area for discussion with an invited keynote speaker

  3.  Networking and further updates over refreshments

Do I have to pay to attend?

Meetings are free to attend for all Members and Associates members.

Non members pay between £6 - £10 depending on the meeting content.

Where are the meetings held?

As we are a county wide organisation, we try to make sure all of our events and training are in various locations that are central and accessible.

We vary the venues each meeting to ensure members do not have to continually travel across the county.

Are the venues accessible?

Yes, any CG event that you attend will be accessible.

When is the next meeting?

Click here for upcoming meetings and events.


Contact our Events and Project Coordinator, Louise Bardgett on louise@creategloucestershire.co.uk