Should I become an Associate Member or a Member?

If you’re a constituted not-for-profit arts organisation or charity that is active in Gloucestershire you can become a Member of Create Gloucestershire.  

If you are an individual, creative business or local authority run venue, the Associate Member scheme is for you.

What’s the difference?

Members are charities or constituted not-for-profit organisations, expected to play an active role in the development of Create Gloucestershire, including attendance at Member meetings and offering support for other members. They can also be elected to the CG Board.

Associate Members benefit from Create Gloucestershire’s networks and opportunities without the level of commitment that membership involves, and without the need to be a constituted organisation.

Both are FREE for at least the first year.

Both types of Membership:

  • Connect you to other artists, producers, venues, creative businesses and cultural agencies through social events and online networks
  • Inform you of opportunities - funding, commissions and projects
  • Offer free or heavily subsidised training sessions in areas where our members have identified a need
  • Mean that you’re part of the conversation, enabling Create Gloucestershire to better understand and talk about sector strengths, needs and priorities for development.

If you're ready, click on one of the following:

You are a charity or constituted not-for-profit organisation that wishes to play an active role in Create Gloucestershire.

You an organisation or individual that wishes to be connected to Create Gloucestershire and the opportunities that it provides. 

Not sure which membership to go for? Contact