What is the legal structure of Create Gloucestershire?

CG is a not for profit Private Company Limited by Guarantee, with a Board of Directors.

The Board is made up as follows:
(a) up to eight individuals nominated by the members;
(b) up to five independent directors;
(c) up to two COR directors. (Cultural Organisation Representatives)

Do your funders give you funding so that CG members can deliver projects?






How does CG make sure it is not in competition for funding which could go to Gloucestershire artists/organisations?

CG's stance is to see its role as enabling the right conditions for quality to flourish and help members of its growing network to take the next step.  We see our expertise as a curator of partnerships that can deliver what the funder or commissioner needs. Where we see specific talent, new opportunities for the sector or challenges to quality, we seek to initiate support if it's not being provided elsewhere or seek funding for 'test' projects to trial project that might work longer term.  These project tests are delivered by those in CGs network if they have the correct skill set, or with others if not.  If not, we build in opportunities for our Gloucestershire network to benefit from any new expertise thus building the capacity in Gloucestershire for new and innovative work.

CG also nurtures new funding opportunities for the arts/culture/creativity.  It keenly seeks to expand understanding of the impact of arts and culture outside the sector and thus increase opportunities for artists/organisations to contribute to wider agendas such as social care, housing, health. 


CGs core team is freelance and costs are kept to a minimum wherever possible (e.g. we don't have a CG office, staffing levels change depending on the needs of the organisation).  This means that CG can minimise the amount it requires to operate and therefore reduce its impact on limited funding available to the sector. 

CG currently covers its operating costs via GfA (Arts Council England), earned income for consultancy work and taking a 'fixing and finding' fee from test projects it initiates.  We are pleased to be part of the Arts Council's National Portfolio from 2018 - 22, and will continue to seek the right funding partners for work required in Gloucestershire. 

What is the difference between the CG network, being a CG member or associate member?  I've seen all of these mentioned!

This year we are exploring the idea of 'membership' as we want CG's network to grow to include anyone interested in making arts and culture every day for everyone in Gloucestershire.  The 2 tier membership model - our current legal framework - no longer fully represents the way in which we want to operate as it can feel exclusive and one way, rather than encouraging exchange.  We are interested in galvanising a movement of people interested in what Glos would be like if arts, culture and creativity were everyday for everyone.  So moving forward CG is looking to be a platform where all sorts of really interesting conversations, interventions and learning can happen, and which marshal the best skills, talent and thinking across sectors, hierarchies and disciplines.  This richness and diversity, we feel, is key to quality and innovation.

While we navigate this development with current members and associates, and tidy up our language around 'membership', you may see all of these terms used on our website.