Made in Gloucestershire

Manifesto pledges: 2

Snapshot:  A Theatre Gloucestershire initiative bringing the artist support offer together under one banner for the first time. CG is a partner, and our focus was supporting the communications and launch of the programme. 

Priorities: Make the development offer easier to navigate for artists, find out if joint delivery results in a better service for artists. Identify who supports fledgling talent before someone identifies him or herself as an artist.

Coming up: All partners continue their year-round artist development offer as detailed in the flyer above. Theatre Gloucestershire will be evaluating the success of the initiative and we will be exploring the potential for expanding it to include other art forms.

Key People: Theatre Gloucestershire, Parabola Arts Centre, The Roses, Prema, Everyman, GDance, Subscription Rooms Stroud, Spaniel in the Works.

Investors: this is an unfunded initiative.

Last updated: 1/7/13