Flow Contemporary Arts

Flow Contemporary Arts


Flow Contemporary Arts has come out of Carolyn’s extensive experience of commissioning artworks in unusual locations. Flow devises and delivers arts projects for organisations and artists on varying scales, from one-to-one support for an artist to large, multiple-site projects with many partners. Carolyn’s broad portfolio enables her to take a fresh, outsider perspective and identify innovative approaches suitable to her clients  needs – whether it is finding new solutions or applying tried-and-true methods that have evolved through experience.

Carolyn has always had a penchant for new technology and the impact it has on culture as well as a passion for how we curate objects. She can both advise on project development and deliver too.

Flow Vision: Encounters with art in unusual places

Flow Mission: To initiate, develop and deliver visual arts projects that engage with partners from diverse disciplines for unusual places.

T 07775 938500
E carolyn@flowprojects.org.uk
W flowprojects.org.uk

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