Jason Conway

Jason Conway


I’m an award-winning creative freelance designer, creative consultant, artist, photographer and writer at Cre8urbrand, working with individuals, businesses and organisations across the UK.

As a digital and fine artist, I produce inspirational and mindful photographic art, mixed media artworks, sketches and illustrations. My inspiration comes from my passion for the natural world and my desire to help reconnect people with its healing and transformational power and beauty. I create wall art for wellbeing, from framed artworks to canvasses, to entire wall art installations for private, public and corporate spaces.

As a published creative writer and poet, I’m a key member of The Gloucestershire Poetry Society and run poetry workshops in Gloucestershire, as well as performing as a guest and feature poet at poetry events and festivals.

I’m also a creative mentor to creatives, artists, writers and makers.

As a book designer and published author, I help artists and writers to self-publish, as well as creating attention-grabbing book cover design and illustrations services.

55 Parliament Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 1LW

T  01452 447000
E jason@cre8urbrand.co.uk

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