TwoCan Inclusive Theatre Company

TwoCan Inclusive Theatre Company


TwoCan is a Gloucestershire-based theatre company that provides an inclusive accessible theatrical experience for artists, participants and audiences. Through its theatre, community and education projects, it aims to produce high quality and imaginative work that will challenge preconceptions of disability.

It is continually researching and developing socially inclusive arts programmes and suitable venues for Gloucestershire that promotes inclusion for all, aiming to dispel images of defenselessness and empower young deaf and disabled artists to pursue a professional career in the arts. Professional training models of inclusive practice for other arts providers and educational / corporate establishments seek to promote an excitement and desire for inclusive practice in creative activities and beyond throughout the county.

TwoCan Inclusive Theatre Company
Woodside, Painswick Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL3 4RU

T 07941 218520

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