nVision Consulting

nVision Consulting is a not for profit Social Enterprise that supports charities and organisations in the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) in Gloucestershire. Based in Cheltenham, our aim is to improve the quality and impact of the local VCS.

We can help you develop your monitoring and evaluation framework or conduct independent evaluations of your performance if required by funders. In addition we can help to implement the PQASSO Quality Standard.

PQASSO is the leading Quality Standard in the VCS and is increasingly being recognised and required by commissioners and funders when awarding contracts and grants. Local charities that have the Charity Commission endorsed PQASSO Quality Mark agree that PQASSO is hugely valuable and provides a sound basis for a health check as a good organisation does most of the stuff required by PQASSO anyway. 

As a CES licensed PQASSO Mentor I can help you:

  • undertake a PQASSO self assessment
  • prepare for the PQASSO Quality Mark
  • access your performance against agreed standards
  • identify your strengths and areas for improvement
  • demonstrate the quality of your service to funders.


nVision Consulting
38 Buckles Close,         
Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire, 
GL53 8QT


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