Artists Seize Power- Free Training to Develop Your Web Presence- 20th February 2012

Date: 20th February 2012

Venue: Cheltenham Everyman Langtry Room

Time: 10.30am-1pm

Facilitator: Andrew Thorn, Timezones.

As artists we all create and communicate ideas. Now, with arts funding is being reduced, many of the support networks we rely on are disappearing. It’s getting harder for artists to reach their audience. But that’s because we’ve got used to being handed opportunities by others.

It’s time for the artists to take control!

The internet offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach people – customers, supporters and collaborators. And as well as reaching the people you want, it can open doors to opportunities you never dreamed of.

NB: This training session is followed in the afternoon with an advice session on applying to G4A.  For more details see the entry lower down on this page.

Even with a zero budget, you can become responsible for your own web presence and make direct contact with people and opportunities. It’s completely sustainable, relying on no funding at all, so it can’t ever be taken away from you.

Best of all, it’s easy: you’re probably already doing some things already without even realizing it! Timezones, in partnership with the Everyman Theatre and Create Gloucestershire, will show you how a few small changes to the way you work can make you more findable, more accessible, and even turn you into a niche-famous expert in your field.

There are no massive learning curves or drains on your time, you don’t need any technical knowledge, and it can be fun and creatively stimulating. And as time goes on it will only become more important, so if you don’t start now you’ll lose out to the people that do.

Come to this free seminar. You don’t need to bring anything, and you’ll leave with the world at your fingertips!



Barney Heywood