Open Space Event for Young Artists, Students and Graduates

Create Gloucestershire and Parabola Arts Centre are hosting an Open Space event specifically for young artists, students and graduates in response to the last Open Space event we co-hosted in October 2011.

Date: 13th April 2012
Time: 3.00pm - 6.30pm 
Venue: Parabola Arts Centre, Parabola Rd, 
Cheltenham, GL50 3AA

This event is FREE

This event is a chance to meet other creative people working in Gloucestershire. Come along and explore how young talent is identified and nurtured in Gloucestershire, and share your ideas and thoughts about how things could be improved.

Open Space is a way of having a meeting so that everybody gets to voice their opinion and ideas. It’s basically like having a structured conversation between lots of people but with help so that everyone gets a chance to get involved. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions you have about working in the arts in Gloucestershire, maybe find out the answers, and also listen to answers to questions you never even thought of asking! 

The kind of issues this session will focus on are: How best to go about making a living in the creative industries in Gloucestershire? What would help to support you as you get started? What are the barriers you may face in getting to the next level?

This Open Space will be kicked off by the brilliantly eloquent performance poet Dean Atta, winner of the Spirit of London Award for ‘Achievement through the Arts’. Dean has performed in the Houses of Parliament and commissioned to write poems for Damilola Taylor Trust, National Portrait Gallery, and Tate Britain.

Drinks and food will be available from 6.30pm. The event will melt into an evening gig at 7.30pm, showcasing young local bands. The lineup isn’t full yet, so let PAC know if you want to play. 

Travel bursaries are available. Please email

This event is being hosted by PAC and Create Gloucestershire. PAC’s mission is to support emerging artists and inspire young audiences, Create Gloucestershire is a new and dynamic hub for the arts and cultural sector in the county. Both organisations are committed to making Gloucestershire a great place for artists to live and work.

Even though the event is free you still need to book a place so we can provide food and drink for you.

Barney Heywood