Describe The Dream - by Dean Atta

We had our very own performance poet in residence for the Open Space for Young Artists, Students, and Graduates, Dean Atta, winner of the Spirit of London Award for ‘Achievement through the Arts’. As well as performing a couple of his eloquent and moving poems, Dean composed this at the end of the Open Space to sum up the afternoon.

Describe The Dream

Skill swapping
Information sharing
Speed networking
Friend requesting
Tweeting questions
Many other helpful suggestions

But where is the hub?
Where is the love?
Where is the money?
Where are the jobs?
What’s next after school or university?
I’m An Arts Degree… Get Me Out Of Here!
Jungle of over-qualified entry-level applicants

Do you choose experience over qualifications?
How do young people become professionals?
Who’s to say they’re not already
Setting up their own companies
Not adhering to the route of volunteering
Bypassing internships or apprenticeships
What are the stepping-stones to success?

What are you prepared to invest?
What are you prepared to sacrifice?
Do you feel worthy of funding?
Often there is funding around
But the right people just don’t hear
Is it failure or success that you fear?
Describe the dream

Create 'a scene' with energy and momentum
Something small for the young professional
Something for everyman
A parabola; a focal point
Something Southwest-wide
Find it or design it, locate it or create it
We need communication across the art forms.

Barney Heywood