Summary Notes for Open Space for Young Artists, Students and Graduates

Create Gloucestershire and PAC Open Space for Young Artists, Students and Graduates.
13th April 2012

This Open Space Event was a chance for young people in Gloucestershire to meet other creative people and explore how to go about making a living in the creative industries in the county.  

There were 9 discussion groups in total-

1. What year round oppertunities for teenage writing can we create?
2. How do we keep create talent in Glos.
3. We have just made a 20 min film - what can we do to make the most of it.
4. What full time proffessional oppertunities exist in Glos. for young people wanting to work in the arts?
5. How do we use empty buildings for create use?
6. Do all arts/cultural events need funding?
7. Do Gloucestershire's schools need help to nuture creativity?
8. How do you make the transition from education to professional and what investment are you prepared to make?
9. How can we utilies the web and social networking to create a hub to promote events, oppertunites, talent and to get to young artists, dance/drama groups, musicians and performers to interact with each other and professionals from relevant academies and creative industries?

Summary notes can be downloaded by clicking here. 

Below are a few photographs taken on the day.


Barney Heywood