Cheltenham Literature Festival - three events to look out for

The Summerfield Lecture
Thursday 10th October 6.30-7.30pm

In a fast-moving world we’re often overloaded with conflicting opinions and advice. In this absorbing talk Noreena Hertz, author of 'Eyes Wide Open: How to make smart decisions in a confusing world', and described by The Observer as ‘one of the world’s leading thinkers’ offers a practical method for making better, smarter decisions.
The Summerfield Charitable Trust donates grants to a wide variety of good causes throughout Gloucestershire:
The Jan Urban-Smith Debate
Sat 12th October 2-3pm

Do We Still Believe Books Matter to our Children?
Melvin Burgess, Anne Fine, Jamila Gavin and Graham Tyrer

Do we still believe that books matter to our children? If so, why are libraries closing and literature reduced to extracts in school, as if solely for the purpose of jumping through hoops? Is the chance to read widely being squeezed between the pressure of regimented schooling and an increasingly pervasive digital ‘tablet culture’? And what can parents do? Join bestselling children’s writers Melvin Burgess, Anne Fine and Jamila Gavin and school literacy guru Graham Tyrer to debate these challenging questions and find out the books that shaped them as they grew up.
What are the books that shaped your childhood? Join the debate by tweeting your favourite childhood book – that shaped you as you grew up @cheltfestivals  #cheltlitfest
This event is sponsored by the Summerfield Charitable Trust in memory of Jan Urban-Smith, who, in her role as a trustee, helped to make Gloucestershire a better place.

A Room of One’s Own
Sunday 13th October 4-5p.m.

Paula Byrne, Jane Dunne, Sue MacGregor, Jenny Uglow

£500 a year and a door with a lock is what women need in order to write, claimed Virginia Woolf. Leading biographers Jane Dunn, Paula Byrne and Jenny Uglow join Sue MacGregor to explore the lives of our greatest women writers, from Jane Austen to Daphne du Maurier, Elizabeth Gaskell to Virginia Woolf.  What were the challenges and restrictions they faced? How did they overcome them? And are some of those challenges still present today?
This event is programmed in association with the Hosking Houses Trust which offers paid residencies to contemporary women writers:
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