Without Walls Research & Development (R&D) investment

Without Walls invites artists and companies from any discipline to request Research & Development support for the development of new outdoor work for presentation in 2014 or 2015

Without Walls

is a consortium of 7 UK arts festivals that work together to deliver an annual programme of new outdoor arts by British artists.

Since 2007, Without Walls has:

■ Invested in over 60 new outdoor projects of all scales and art forms

■ Performed to audiences of over 2 million

■ Secured new investment from over 40 UK and international commissioning partners

Research and Development support

We have a limited budget to invest in Research and Development (R&D) support for artists to create new shows for presentation in 2014 or 2015. We recognise that ambitious new work takes time to bring to fruition and that artists can benefit from the opportunity to explore new ideas as part of the development process, before committing to a production. We also know that this type of planning process can assist with fundraising for a new project and that it can be a useful way of engaging commissioners, supporters and partners in new work.

We will prioritise investment in work that meets one or more of these agendas

1) Large Scale work

2) Work by culturally diverse & deaf and disabled artists 

3) Work that reflects on the centenary of the start of the 1st World War

Eligibility and guidance

■ Without Walls exists to support the development of new and ambitious work by UK artists; we can support projects that are developed in association with International Artists but the lead partner on the project must be based in the UK.

■ We are looking for work from all disciplines and genres. We are looking for work that is innovative and ambitious and challenges the idea of what outdoor arts can be.

■ We are looking for work from all scales from small to large-scale work.

■ The work must be suitable for touring. The pieces we support need to be suitable for both civic, urban spaces and park sites/ rural locations. The festivals take place in a range of locations across the UK, so the ideas proposed must be suitable for touring to a minimum of 4 consortium members and other festivals in addition to the Without Walls partners. We are keen to ensure that the work we support will have a touring life after it has been presented at Without Walls festivals.

■ Proposals for work could be adaptable in scale, suitable for daytime and/or evening presentation and may also include promenade or processional based elements.

Practicalities and money

We have an overall budget of approximately £25,000 to invest in R&D. 
We expect to offer support to between 2 and 5 proposals. 
We expect to invest between £2000 – £5000 in small-scale projects and more in Large Scale proposals. 
We do not expect to offer more than £8,000 in any one project.

We welcome artists who have other investors in their R&D projects but this is not crucial at this stage.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 5pm May 16th 2013

For more information on how to apply, please visit the Without Walls website