Gloucestershire is home to a huge range of excellent arts and health work. One such project is Your Future, working with victims of domestic violence, led by the Roses Theatre and delivered in partnership with arts organisations across the county. The first year of the project was evaluated by specialists Willis Newson, who have recently launched an evaluation training course focusing on arts, health and wellbeing initiatives.

Details of the course are below, and click here for more information.

Evaluating Arts, Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

Evaluating Arts, Health and Wellbeing Initiatives, starting on February 11th, will enable you to better demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of your work by helping you to understand, plan and deliver appropriate evaluations.

Project evaluation remains a key challenge for practitioners and organisations. This course will provide an overview of evaluation techniques to support those managing and delivering arts, health and wellbeing initiatives and introduce participants to the theoretical concepts and practical tools they need to undertake their own evaluations. The course watchwords are Appropriate, Ethical and Credible, but it will also encourage participants to think creatively about the approaches they use.