Gloucester - Culture Matters? Open Space Questions and Notes

Our Gloucester - Culture Matters? Open Space event in September 2014 was all about big questions and big ideas to put arts and culture at the centre of people's lives in the city and beyond.

Below are the questions and issues that people raised and discussed during the sessions, notes from which are included in the gallery below. Click through the slideshow to read the session notes, and hover over the image to see the title of the session.

  • How to ensure sustainability?
  • How does Gloucester offer the public ‘arts’ they’ll like to come to – not what we think is good for them?
  • Where can artists go for support and advice?
  • How can venues support artists, other than cash?!
  • Arts spaces – where are they?
  • How can digital innovations help – social media, digital content, crowdfunding?
  • Cultural leadership – how do we nurture it?
  • Why isn’t Gloucester utilising students to perform wherever and whenever, for experience for them and entertaining for others?
  • How can we put arts at the centre of regeneration in Gloucester?
  • How can Gloucester make friends with the county?
  • How to create a vibrant artistic community beyond just giving money?
  • Help me develop Barbican House into the city’s performing art centre.
  • Interested in more diverse arts in Gloucester.
  • Gloucester needs contemporary visual arts. How / who / where?
  • How can we make Gloucester an inclusive beacon where its communities are represented through the art?
  • How do we work together and not empire build?
  • Are we engaging with schools in the right way? Can we do it better?
  • How can we convince people that the arts are a truly valuable aspect to life?
  • How can we engage with the city council and encourage them to see culture as a good thing?
  • What’s the best way to provide links/provision for young people in the region?