Over 2014 – 15 Tobacco Factory Theatres are going to work with five extraordinary artists/companies – Associate Artists, they’re calling them - who will spend time developing new shows at Tobacco Factory Theatres. TFT are delighted to announce that two of these will be the awesome Filter Theatre and the brilliant Jennifer Bell Company. They’re now looking for three more remarkable south west-based artists who’d like to go on a journey with them.

 Supporting TFT to deliver this is the mighty triumvirate of Bristol-based producers MAYK, Theatre Bristol, and London’s New Diorama Theatre, who will each work alongside TFT with one of the three selected artists.

TFT are interested in artists working across a range of art-forms and at different stages of their careers. Moreover, TFT are interested in great ideas and your ability to develop them into shows that they can consider programming or producing. To help you do this TFT can offer space, sharing opportunities, support applying for funding and a cash bursary.

You can download the full call-out here, along with info about partners and an FAQs doc. You can find all these online too, as well as details of their full Artist Development programme.

The deadline for applications is Mon 07 April, 9am.