Cheltenham Public Art Panel is seeking to establish a pool of four experienced project managers, to work collaboratively with the panel, council staff, artists, and client/partner organisations to deliver public art projects. Together, the pool will provide experience across a range of project types. Once the Pool is established, selection for individual projects will be on an ad hoc basis, primarily dependant on relevant experience, with the fee based on a percentage of the project.

The Pool will be available for the Panel to call on as needed to support implementation of projects, usually funded from its growing Public Art Fund. It is anticipated that each project manager will have an opportunity to bid for project work.

Fee: Based on a percentage of each project’s funds, normally 10% of the total budget.There is no retention fee – payment is for individual projects only.

For a full job description and personnel spec please email

Short-listed candidates will be invited to interview week beginning 24th March 2014.

For further information contact Judith Baker on 01242 774405