Between now and spring 2015, ArtWorks, a Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) initiative, will publish the final findings of four years’ research to show how, as a sector, we can build on the tradition of participatory arts and reap new benefits by strengthening support for the artists involved.

The research will cover the critical roles of commissioners, funders, employers, training providers and artists with an interest in arts in participatory settings by focusing on three key areas of understanding:

  • The training and development needs of artists
  •  Methods for promoting quality across all aspects of the work
  • Creating the conditions needed to make change happen 

PHF are inviting everyone with an interest in participatory arts to sign up as they prepare to publish their final report and recommendations next spring.

You’ll be able to take part in debate through their website and access what they have already learned over the last four years. You’ll also receive regular ArtWorks briefings and comment as they publish findings on everything from learning methods to codes of practice and quality benchmarks. The first of these briefings, covering the headline findings of a unique survey of 1,000 artists is available here

You can join them by signing up for future briefings on their website to share their research and add your voice to the conversation.