Call for proposals: The Art Of Listening artist brief for Gloucester Cultural Strategy

"It's not about dictating the activity in a city but creating the invitation to act."  

Chomko Rosier- Playable Cities Winners 2014


Gloucester City Cultural Strategy

The Art of Listening: a brief


1. Background:

Create Gloucestershire (CG) is a not for profit organisation that hosts a community of 130+ artists and cultural organizations committed to making arts every day.

CG has been tasked by the Gloucester City Interim Cultural Strategy Board with inviting and engaging artists, arts and cultural organizations and the public into the process of scoping the new cultural strategy for Gloucester City. 

To do this we are soliciting ideas for proposals from artists/cultural organisations that combine a consultation process with an artistic process.  We want to work with people who are good at asking interesting questions, listening and capturing responses and then using this as the basis for an artistic intervention.

The goal will be to listen, explore and draw out insights into the life of Gloucester, who Gloucester “is”, who is Gloucester for, what is the city missing, what future could people imagine for it, what part could they play in making that happen. Material from this “listening phase” will be source material for an artistic response resulting in a new piece of art work.

We are looking for proposals which can:

a)    Place an artistic process alongside a more traditional consultation process and therefore set out a “new stall” which will differentiate this strategy from others before it. We think this is important to avoid consultation “fatigue” in the city.

b)    Provide an opportunity for artists to provide leadership to the cultural strategy and emphasise the importance of a high quality artistic offer for the city.

c)     Ensure local members of the cultural community, students and volunteers, as well as the general public, have ways to get involved .

d)    Pay particular attention to ensuring a diverse range of voices are included.

Create Gloucestershire’s role in the process is to oversee the application process, be the point of liaison between the selected artist/s and the Interim Gloucester Cultural Strategy Board and help profile and disseminate learning from the process and the work created.


2. Expected outputs.

1.     Transcripts of the conversations with different groups that have taken place, with emerging themes and areas of interest identified.

2.     Artistic response to that material that can take any form.

Our expectations are that you would meet with CG before, during and after the process to enable a good flow of insights and progress to be shared with the Interim Cultural Strategy Board.


3. Timescale:

The project will take place between Jan 2016 and March 2016.


4. Fee

The fee set aside for this work is £4000 inclusive of material, travel and any other expenses and VAT.


5. How to apply:

If you are interested in this piece of work please send a proposal of no more than 2 sides of A4  (word or pdf format) that outlines:

1.     Why this opportunity interests you.

2.     Your idea.

3.     Methodology outlining who you would reach and how.

4.     Timeplan.


Please also submit:
1. A draft budget for the work.

2. A CV or similar covering your experience and achievements.

3. Up to two URL links to video or other documentation of your work.


Please send this to by 5pm on the 14th December 2015.

If you would like an informal chat about this brief please email Pippa Jones at

Interviews will be carried out by an independent panel on Monday 21st December, venue tbc.


Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council, and by Gloucester City Council.

You can download a pdf of this brief here