Sport England's New Funding Programmes coming soon

Sport England will soon start rolling out its Investment Guides to help those that want to work with them.

To help those who might want to work with them as they roll out their strategy, they will be publishing a series of detailed investment guides. They will provide more information on the types of projects they're looking to support, the insight they have available, the people they want to benefit and the outcomes they’re seeking to achieve.

These will be published on their website and shared directly with their partners.

The guides they’re going to publish are:

  • Supporting sport’s core market – how you can apply for funding for projects that ensure those with a strong affinity for sport are valued as customers (December 2016)
  • Children and young people – how they can work with you to create more opportunities for children to improve skills and have fun being active outside of school time (February 2017)
  • Mass markets – how you can access funding for projects that can get huge numbers of people active (March 2017)
  • Local delivery – how they want to support areas to create opportunities to get active that really work for the local community (March 2017)
FundingBarney Heywood