Perinatal Mental Health – Cheltenham ‘Heads Up’ Arts Trail

Project Outcomes

  • To co-produce a public art piece as part of the Cheltenham ‘Heads Up’ Arts Trail in relation to Perinatal Health with women from the Cheltenham area.
  • To gather views and ideas from women about perinatal mental health to tackle stigma and discrimination through the display of an arts piece. 
  • To work with women at the grass roots level in Cheltenham to create this piece of art. 
  • To liaise with Cheltenham Borough Council on the arrangements of including the arts piece within the ‘Heads Up’ Community Arts Trail. 
  • To liaise with Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group on the stages of the project through provision of an outline plan.

Funding allocation for this project is £999 to include:

  • Room Hire or crèche time to work with community groups. 
  • Artist’s Preparatory Time. 
  • Artist’s Travel Time. 
  • Artist’s Materials. 
  • Artist’s Delivery Time for group work sessions.
  • Artist’s time towards the creation of the final arts piece. 
  • Artist’s liaison time with Cheltenham Borough Counciland Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. 
  • Materials for group work sessions to prepare, explore and contribute towards the ideas and design of the Arts piece.
  • Any refreshments for Arts Group.

Key requirements 

  • The artist should have significant experience of working with community groups and able to work with people of all different backgrounds. 
  • The artist should have experience of dealing with emotionally sensitive issues, and be able to be empathic and supportive towards individuals sharing their personal stories.

Key Milestones 

  • By the 31st of January 2017 - Artist to be identified and selected – January 2017. 
  • By the 31st of March 2017 - Preparatory arrangements between artist and Cheltenham community group – plan to be submitted to NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Cheltenham Borough Council.
  • By 31st May 2017 - Conduct Group sessions with women from Cheltenham and produce a Public Arts piece to increase awareness of perinatal mental health and tackle stigma and discrimination slinked to mental health issues relating to pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • By June 2017 – liaise with Cheltenham Borough Council around the display of the Arts piece as part of the ‘Heads Up’ Community Arts Trail.