Creative Catalyst opportunity - Art of Libraries


Create Gloucestershire is looking for a Creative Catalyst to be based in the North Cotswolds and create the right conditions for art and culture to thrive in one of our new early adopter libraries, Moreton-in-Marsh Library in the Cotswold District.  The Catalyst will enable the library team to co-develop a broad range of high quality activities and creative programmes suitable for children, young people and families from the local area that tackle barriers to creative engagement head on.

We need someone creative who is able to listen and respond independently to opportunities, broker new relationships, change mindsets and ultimately support culture change in the library to enable staff to step into this role when the project ends.  

Create Gloucestershire (CG) is involved in an exciting three-year pilot programme 2016 - 2019, boldly aiming to reimagine cultural education and the potential for Gloucestershire libraries to become hubs for introducing arts and culture to children, young people and families.

With library staff, artists, cultural organisations, schools and community activists working together in new ways, our aim is for libraries to provide a distinct but complementary space for children and young people to explore, play, take risks and experiment.  There are six early adopter libraries involved, where we are doing a re-think and a “refresh” of this new cultural offer – weaving high quality arts and cultural activity (everything from Virtual Reality, GPS embroidery, coding, music) with storytelling and reading at its core.  Our goal is to reach children, young people and parents who have not engaged actively with arts and culture before and provide a first stepping stone.

Deadline for applications: Monday 27 November, 5pm

More information on the role and Art of Libraries here. 



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