Car Art Project for Desirable Vinyl - Anyone interested in applying their art to this car?

The idea for this project was I wanted to use a standard corporate car known and indeed renowned for its corporate stance. To change it's look to one of randomness, chaos, something none-corporate maybe? Anti-establishment maybe?

I run a vinyl record business and this does not have to be the subject matter, but may provide inspiration? Something similar maybe to the movement in the 1960s where corporate products or items reserved for the wealthy such as cars were often painted?

You as the artist will have complete freedom over style, method, materials used and any subject. It is a permanent and working subject which I will be driving for my business in the UK and abroad, so I will be covering the art after completion with a permanent clear coating to withstand the rigors of the road... unless the artist intends the opposite as part of the art piece or effect.

The only requirements from me are; 1. This is a road legal car and needs to remain legal, so particularly for those of you who don't drive I'll advise you what needs to stay untouched to remain legal, i.e. Lights, Windows, Wheels, Tyres, Exhaust, main bodywork and no fake emergency service decals, etc! 2. Exterior art only, nothing changed inside please, I have to live with the car, maybe if this project goes well I'll open the next project to interior changes. 3. It needs to be completed by the end of March for a road trip to Ireland and then to Europe.

Still interested? Then think what you can do to this car in around 2 months?! I will provide all materials and if needed a dry and lit place to work on the car, plus possibly incidental expenses to be agreed, for example if you need to use local public transport not covered, I want you to be motivated by this project and not worry about the other stuff.

Contact Jason Clarke of Desirable Vinyl