Get together and celebrate Art Bridge Symposium - 1 March in Cheltenham

Get together with like-minded creative people and join us to celebrate Art Bridge II - an innovative project tailored for talented, emerging artists who face disabling barriers. Receive reflection and learning from the project, from the participants, lead artist, AIR and producers. Hear inspirational talks from internationally acclaimed disabled artists and join the discussion about how we move forwards towards building a more inclusive and representative cultural landscape. 

A must attend event for arts organisations, FE establishments, partners, community groups, artists and others. 

We would be thrilled if you could make it and help shape and be part of our plans for the future. In addition to hearing from the exciting invited speakers, this will be a day when your participation will be most valued, a chance to let others know about the work you are doing and think about how we can link to provide opportunities for artists in the future. 

There will also be a chance to view Odyssey an accessible exhibition featuring stimulating mixed media work. The show comprises of works from established and emerging artists including the Art Bridge II artists and commissioned pieces by Jon Adams, Pam Newall and Rachel Gadsden. The literal and figurative meaning of 'odyssey' symbolising individual creative journeys undertaken is explored in various ways. 

Art Bridge II is a supported, professional, high-level programme of artistic and professional training and mentoring, for talented emerging artists facing disabling barriers. The Art Bridge II project has benefitted from guidance by Lead artist Zoe Partington and Artist in residence Dr. Jim Brook. The project is an Art Shape initiative funded by Arts Council England. 

The symposium is free to all but booking is essential.

"The Odyssey exhibition, compels us to listen to journeys of the unknown. Art Shape has created a platform for the artists to tell their own stories. Being part of this journey with Art Bridge participants has been exceptional and truly an honour. The image I hold, 'Is of a delicate and fragile bird fluttering into the mists to a place of tranquillity where difference is the norm and Odyssey a richness'" - Zoe Partington, Lead Artist

For a fuller programme of the day, to book a place or to book the lunch (available at the cost of £10) please email