Writer wanted for Llanthony Secunda Reformation Project

Llanthony Secunda Priory in Gloucester is seeking an experienced writer of interpretive material to help provide a single “voice” for all interpretive material.  This will include the following:

·      External and Internal interpretation signs and panels

·      Website content

·      Two Trail leaflets


The appointment is expected to start in July 17 and all interpretation to be in place by June 18.  It is anticipated that the content should be completed well before the final date.

The writer will be provided with guidance on what content is required with material being provided to draw upon and the list below gives an indication of the amount of work required.


  • Interpretive panels: There are currently 11 external panels and 4 internal panels proposed.
  • Leaflets: A minimum of two leaflets will be produced, one a trail around medieval Gloucester and another linking Llanthony Secunda and Llanthony Prima.
  • Website: The website is to be redeveloped and will be the repository for all interpretive information which needs to be written in a way that people can drill down to detail as required.

Experience required

The successful candidate will be an experienced writer who has already worked with other heritage sites and who has a gift for presenting information clearly, interestingly, accessibly all underpinned by a passion for communicating history to every age, every interest and every culture.


If you are interested in working with us on this exciting project, please write to us with information on:

·      recent examples of your work

·      information about the other heritage sites you have worked with

·      how you would approach the commission

·      a fee proposal making it clear how many days you think will be needed for each area of work and your daily rate. 

For more information on the tender - click here

If you are also interested in finding out more about the role, please do contact us:

Edwina Bell, Project Manager, edwina.bell@llanthonysecunda.org | 07766 857752 or

Emma Davies, Heritage Manager, emma.davies@llanthonysecunda.org | 07718 280478

Deadline for submissions: 12th June 2017