Big Potential

Big Potential has two different streams - Breakthrough and Advanced - which offer voluntary, community and social enterprises organisations (VCSEs) the chance to consider the usefulness of social investment as part of their broader financing or fundraising strategy.

Is your ambition to raise up to £500,000 of repayable investment?

Breakthrough grant 

For organisations based and operating in England on the beginning of a journey towards securing investment, who are looking to develop a more sustainable funding model and be less dependent on grants but require support to do this. Applicants are expected to have existing products or services that could support taking on repayable finance.  Applicant’s ambition will be to raise up to £500k of repayable investment. 

Please be aware that the deadline for submitting your diagnostic tool for Big Potential Breakthrough is midday on Friday 30th June.

The final deadline for then submitting your application is midday on Friday 15th September.

Click here for more information about the application process.

Is your ambition to raise over £500,000 of repayable investment or to win contracts of more than £1million?

Advanced grant 

For VCSEs based and operating in England with an ambition to raise more than £500k of repayable investment or win contracts of at least £1m. VCSE’s will have a strong proposal and be sufficiently ambitious to be able to develop a project of the desired scale in a set time period. VCSE’s applying to this route will be expected to have a sufficiently strong grasp of what it means to take on social investment and understand their social investment needs.

The final deadline for submitting your application is midday on Wednesday 9th August.


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