Process · Form · Colour at New Brewery Arts

In 2015 Cirencester based sculptor, Rory Young, installed seven new painted stone statues in the empty medieval niches in the nave screen at St Albans Cathedral; the first occurrence of a scheme of painted figures being placed in a church screen since the Reformation and the English Civil War.

The seven statues were developed over a period of five years; and the preparatory work, designs, sketches and both scaled and full-size maquettes are presented publicly at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester for the first time.

New Brewery Arts are presenting Rory’s work alongside fragments of carved, painted stonework from the mediaeval Augustinian abbey that once stood at the heart of Cirencester. Comparing contemporary work with objects produced some 900 years ago, the exhibition explores both the changes and continuity of tradition expressed in creating figurative sculpture for ecclesiastic spaces.

Entitled PROCESS · FORM · COLOUR the exhibition reveals the stages, used both 900 years ago andtoday, in the creation of new work. The exhibition will also include two new works in progress by Rory Young.