Panoramic River Severn Drawings by Carolyn Black

Have you ever walked, or driven, through Littledean down towards Newnham on Severn and marvelled at the sight of the Severn spread out below you, just as you pass through Pleasant Stile?

Carolyn has many a time and what she saw has inspired her to create a body of new artworks, which you can view in The George between 30th June and 29th July. Open daily 9.30-3.30 (closed Sundays).

She has lived close to the River Severn for thirty-six years, twenty-five near the east side and eleven on the west bank. Having identified various couplings of places on either river bank, she sets out to provide a view from each of them to the other side. She has snippets of stories and meandering thoughts to tell about these parallel locations, so is working towards a publication that will connect the banks through images and words. The publication will be supported by a Grants for the Arts, awarded by Arts Council England. Come and see the Severn anew through the drawings, some ghostly some ominous, all beautiful, like the river.