Rent & business rate free property for Charities in and around Gloucester

Avire is able to offer commercial office accommodation which can be used for training, meetings, administration, or even for storage

We have 3 suites available:
* Suite 1 = 490 – 980 sq ft approx
* Suite 2 = 1,438 – 2,877 sq ft approx
* Suite 3 = 511 – 1,023 sq ft approx.

The only costs you will incur for using this property will be utility bills.

If any Charity is looking for additional space to use, we can offer a 1-3 year lease with a 28 day rolling break clause.

For further information or to arrange viewing please email or telephone 01295 256 338’

We currently have over 200+ charities in various properties we have sourced for them and some of our charities have been in their premises for over 3 years now. We have numerous testimonials of charities we have helped in the past and any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me. 



A. The Exclusive Building, Thorpe Drive, Thorpe Way, Banbury, Oxon. OX16 4UZ