Yard Trail Stroud

On Monday the 28th of August, an exciting new event, as part of the Stroud Fringe Festival, brings you "Yard Trail".

We want as many people as possible to get involved, as an anti-landfill, recycling, upcycling, getting to know your community event!

Do you have lots of stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Or fancy a day out meeting the neighbours and finding new things? Perhaps you are an artist, maker, and would like to sell your creations? Or leave things out for free!

This is a community event, organised by locals and open to everyone. It’s easy to be involved – register, then we will put you on the map. Set up a stall in your front garden, selling your unwanted items, or pop round to your neighbours’ garden and buy something from them.

Please be aware it is the responsibility of each householder to ensure the public highway remains accessible, so please ensure your stall is in your garden and not on the pavement, and there is no rubbish left in the street after the event.

Visit our Facebook page for more info.

Image Credit: Victoria Ashcroft