3-day Sculpture Course

'Sculpting the Dog from life' Join us for a 3 day sculpture course with Member of the Society of Portrait Sculptures, Ellen Christiansen at The School of Fine Art, Tetbury. 29th-31st October 2018 £395.00 with a deposit of £100.00 Call Rachel on 07827 973728 to book your place.

Ellen Christiansen studied at Chelsea and Camberwell Schools or Art after being spotted by a visiting art teacher at the age of thirteen. At Camberwell she was one of the last students to benefit from the teaching of fellow exhibitor Brian Taylor. After Graduating she worked with him both as his model and as a collaborator on portrait of his sons and his dogs.

She is now one of a few few who continue to work using his measuring techniques derived from stone carving. Christiansen works exclusively from life with animals, the figure and on portraiture, where the rather open-ended process makes for endless discoveries and infinite possibilities. Christiansen has exhibited with Society of Portrait Sculptors for the last three years and was awards the Talos Award in 2011. Christiansen also won The Founders' Sculpture Prize in 2014-2015.

Photo Credit Rachel Vynne