Cheltenham Civic Awards 2019: call for nominations

Call for nominations for Cheltenham Civic Awards  2019

Cheltenham Civic Society is calling for nominations for Civic Awards in 2019. Each year these awards are made by the Civic Society on behalf of the Borough Council for “the encouragement of standards of excellence in the restoration of historic buildings and other works in the field of improvement in Cheltenham's built environment”. 

Members of the public, architects, contractors and planners, business and house owners are invited to nominate buildings and structures which they think are of sufficient standard to contribute to the improvement of Cheltenham as a place to live and work. The works must have been completed within the last two years and be visible to the public, i.e. the exteriors are being judged, rather than interiors.  

There are five categories:

·      A new building or structure

·      Restoration of a building or structure

·      Improvements to the built or landscape environment

·      A new or restored shopfront

·      A ‘green’ building

The deadline is 31 December 2018. 

Nominations are in writing and must include

·      The address of the building or development

·      Basic Information about the work done

·      Date of completion

·      Where possible:

·      The name of the owner

·      The architect or designer

·      The main contractor

·      Photographs (preferably ‘before’ and ‘after’ for restoration and improvements)

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the web site

And completed and posted or delivered to:

Civic Awards
Cheltenham Civic Society 
Parmoor House
13 Lypiatt Terrace
GL50 2SX
Or email to: Bruce Buchanan, Civic Awards Convenor at:

Cheltenham Civic Awards 2017 (Note: there were no awards in 2018)

The awards for 2017 included a fascinating selection of new buildings, conservation and restoration projects, improvement to the environment, shop front design, and a new category, a ‘green building’. In the town centre, the refurbished Promenade red telephone kiosks and the conversion of the dilapidated outbuildings in Royal Well Place to studios were among the more unusual nominations. There were also several private homes, housing developments and a shop front. 

Barney Heywood