FAI-AR Training: Circus in Public Space

The first stage of training  proposes to tackle acrobatic techniques on various apparatus, then to transpose them in the city by the diversion of street furniture by observing the poetic potential generated.

The second step in the city of Marseille will concentrate the work on the search for points of view and playing field in different typologies of urban spaces in the service of a dramaturgical construction. .

26-30 Mar: National Circus Arts Center, Châlons
3-7 Apr: FAI-AR, City of Street Arts, Marseille
Cost: 1600€


  • professional experience in at least one of the areas concerned (circus, arts in public space, dance) 
  • sufficient physical preparation to engage bodywork (acrobatics, dance) 
  • to be in search of artistic experimentation
  • to be understand and speak French

Deadline 26th February 2018

For more information see the FAI-AR website