Creative Team call out for R&D – ‘Ferguson’s Gang vs the Octopus’

Creative Team call out ‘Ferguson’s Gang vs the Octopus’ will be a playable, outdoor and digital theatre show about, and supporting housing activism.

We are in the midst of bringing together a diverse creative team for our research and development phase. We want the project to be inclusive and representative of society, we encourage applications from artists from all backgrounds.

The show is inspired by Ferguson’s Gang– a group of women who in the 1930’s dressed up as gangsters, gave themselves, alter egos (‘Red Biddy’, ‘Bill Stickers’, ‘Silent O’Moyle’) and campaigned for reform on conservation policies and town planning.

We are looking into who Ferguson’s Gang might already be today, and how we could reinvent them in current housing campaigning. We’re interested in what place ‘play’ has within housing campaigning today.

The show will take the form of a multi location, immersive audience experience, set within a narrative. The audience will join Ferguson’s Gang and engage in a series of playable, creative interventions, working to achieve the gangs objective in the story.

We aim to engage the audience deeply within the narrative through play. We are running a week residential to develop ideas at 101 Creation Space in Newbury w/c 7th May and aim to have a sharing on Friday 11th May. During the week we will be devising creative interventions, experimenting with the narrative and physical journey for the audience and working out the role of the performers within the piece.

We are looking to fill the following roles:

***Actor:*** Experienced performer to join our ensemble. Any age. Actors will be experimenting with different roles in the story over the week. We will also be looking at the role of the performer as a facilitator for the audience experience and as storyteller. We will be devising games and interactions for the audience together. You should be inventive, up for throwing yourself in and experienced in making performance. Must to be available 7-11th May £500 for the week (accomodation provided). We can also cover some, if not all access costs, eg BSL interpreter. Wheelchair accessible accommodation available.

***Sound Artist:*** We are looking for a composer, musician or sound artist who has an interest in using sound and music to interact with space and people in a playful way. We’re interested in how we can use sound- where we place it, how it is ‘heard’, how it is triggered and how people engage with it in the sense of games and interactive experiences. You will be open to think about ‘sound’ in an accessible way for Deaf audiences and how people from all walks of life will interact with sound. Ideally you will be happy to be a body in the space, engaging with the audience/players in a sharing, although this is not essential. MUST be available 7-11th May £500 for the week (accomodation provided) We can also cover some, if not all access costs, eg BSL interpreter. Wheelchair accessible accommodation available.

Please send a short cover letter telling us about you, your personal interest in the project and how you like to play in your everyday life. If you would prefer to apply via a video of yourself, audio or by another means, please feel free to do so. Deadline 20th April Please contact: Malcolm Hamilton. Director, Mufti Games 07949697721

You can read more about the project here : and see for more info about the company.