Do you make performance work with / and for family audiences (7 - 11 years)

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Potential International Collaborations for SW performance companies

Falmouth University is leading the development of South West region-wide project which aims to collaborate with five international performance companies who make work with / and for family audiences (suggested target age of 7 - 11 years) ; this will

  • co-create five, family performing arts products for five SW campus-based venues over the summer months of 2019, with CPD for the sector in the SW live, virtually and archived online for on-going and global access;
  • commission the research and development of a new piece of UK performance work;
  • produce and host family Performing Arts Festival in Falmouth;
  • and deliver conference in exploring best practise when producing work for family audiences, from an International Perspective.

If you produce work targeting children and young people and you are based in the SW please email Sasha Dobrota at

Barney Heywood