Connecting, creating and flourishing together for Free!

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People of all ages are invited to take part in two new exciting community-based programmes starting in October.

First up is “Connect & Create” which aims to provide a space for artists and creative practitioners to share their skills in the community and engage local people in using art to explore aspects of modern life and culture.

Each session will focus on a different art form run by different artists or creative practitioner from the local area. Ben Ward of World Jungle explains “The idea of the group is to provide a space where local people can share their creative gifts and talents with the wider community. We already have offers of sessions using painting, felt making, poetry and writing but we are keen for more people to get involved. We really hope other creative people and artists will come forward to share their skills in the community and we are also looking of course for participants who are just keen to be more creative, connect with others and explore issues that we are facing in the world today.

Connect & Create starts on 22nd October and runs initially for 6 weeks at Dursley library on Tuesdays from 4:30pm – 6:20pm with booking essential. If you are keen to take part or interested in offering to run a session please get in touch.

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Starting on 29th October is “Flourish” a six week wellbeing course which pulls together research and practical applications from many fields ranging from science, spirituality, philosophy, nutrition and fitness to bring you real-world techniques that can help you transcend limited thinking and reach your full superhuman potential. 

Jane Manning Director of World Jungle says , “ We will explore themes such as resilience, self-care, the power of beliefs and placebo, sacred postures, biohacking, mindfulness and more.  If you truly want to flourish then join us……” . 

Both courses are made possible thanks to funding from Big Lottery “Awards for All programme.  Booking is essential via and donations are welcome. For more information, please contact Ben Ward from World Jungle on 07889 512644, email    or visit .