Visual Arts Cluster Meeting for Gloucestershire

Paula Orrell from Visual Arts South West (VASW) is organising a series of Visual Arts Cluster meet ups across the region.

SVA are inviting visual artists and people working in the visual arts in Gloucestershire to meet up so that we can be better represented and connected in the South West.

Come along to the meeting and let us know what how you would like the vIsual arts to be supported.

It is an opportunity to understand the sector and put faces to programmes and also have an opportunity to consider some key issues that we are collectively dealing with, and how VASW in the future can support the sector with these challenges and strengthen our region.
We are working with Palmer Squared who are helping us to understand who our stakeholders are and how we can be useful in the future. Please find enclosed the questions for your consideration, and it will be a genuine round table discussion about understanding how VASW can support your part of the region.

Please RSVP to

  • What does VASW mean to you / what do you think of when VASW is mentioned?

  • Why do you currently engage with VASW and what do you currently get in return?

  • Do you feel confident to recommend VASW to other artists/venues/relevant stakeholders?

  • What do you want from VASW in the future?

  • How can they help to make that happen?

  • Who else should VASW be talking to in relation to building advocacy?

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