Tickets Ignite - an ethical ticketing platform that puts booking fees to better use

Do you run events or sell tickets?

We're an ethical ticketing platform that puts booking fees to better use- an arts fund.
We aim to channel the money being lost to the ticketing industry, back into the arts.

By working with us, you can apply for funding.

We're looking to connect with organisations/artists that run events/fundraisers/shows etc.

Tickets Ignite was conceived in 2014 and launched in 2017 by theatre producer Emily Thommes and lighting designer & software engineer Oscar Wyatt.

We started Tickets Ignite when we were both freelance theatre makers, trying to make ends meet while creating work that excited us. We know all too well how challenging it is to raise funding and we're trying to fix that with Tickets Ignite. We want to channel the money lost to the ticketing industry back into the arts so more artists can be supported to create new work.

Along the way, we’ve also done a lot of thinking about ways to help event organisers sell tickets. We have created a system that is powerful and flexible but we also want it to be the most simple to use platform out there - making life easier for busy producers, artists and venues.

We look forward to connecting with more artists, venues and producers, supporting new projects, and helping to make the industry we love more financially sustainable.

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