ACP Wearable Art Catwalk and competition

Having held wearable art competitions and festivals over the last 10 years ACP Art Couture Painswick are back and this year the wearable art competition is being held in the wonderful Gloucester Cathedral.
Entrants are invited to produce a piece of wearable art that sits within the themes of Biomimicry or Robotics.

Entrants are welcomed from right across age groups and abilities, we also have our bodypainting category back!

Please see our website. for full information on each category.
Category winners can receive up to £750 for 1st place with prizes being awarded for excellence.  
To enter register and sign up on our website and will enrol in the competition for this year and be part of the 2019 event.

Tickets for the event can also be purchased online to gain entry into the Cathedral from 7pm on June 14th.
For inspiration and to see what the competition has previously looked like please follow our instagram page on
art_couture_painswick and our facebook page.