An evening of talks and conversations with Berlin’s current art and culture figures.

Berliner Zeitgeist in Stroud - legendary creative entrepreneurs 

Can we as a creative town learn from a creative city? 

We invite you to an evening of talks and conversations with Berlin’s current art and culture figures. 

Hosted by Charles Landry an international author and thinker around creative cities, Jo Leahy from SVA, Kath Child from Atelier and Uta Baldauf a German born Stroud artist. 

Meet five Berliners who have helped shape contemporary Berlin. This event is part of our upcoming programme to celebrate the 30th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and is also connected to our current 'Creative Spaces Creating Communities' series. 

Anke Fesel and Chris Keller, photographers, whose Berlin Wonderland documents the visionaries, techno parties, art galleries and riots that made Berlin a magnet. 

Dimitri Hegemann who founded the famous techno club Tresor that with Berghain represents the pulse of Berlin and whose campaign 'Happy Locals' seeks to energize smaller towns. 

Two recent changemakers are Ania Pilipenko, who heads the co-operative for Holzmarkt a large unusual riverside development and Robin Schellenberg, co-founder of Klunkerkranich, the rooftop club, with one Berlin's best views, that transforms during the day from a family gathering place into an evening club that helped revitalize Neukoelln.

This evening gives us a unique opportunity to investigate how city changing projects develop. How can we as a small town draw parallels and embrace our own opportunity to create something unique.

After the talks there will be live music and food will be served (including in ticket price). The bar will be open for drinks.

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Advance tickets: £8  from SVA or £9 online

On the door: £10

Barney Heywood