Sustainability: the new advantage - 2 day free workshop

Explore what you and your organisation can do to help tackle ecological disaster without breaking the bank in our two-day workshop. Speakers include David Hunter of leading social enterprise solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite and Eoin McQuone of Sustainable Business Design as well as prominent local corporate and branding coaches.

UK Parliament took the unprecedented step of declaring an environment and climate emergency. But it’s not just governments that can declare a climate emergency – businesses can too and there are growing opportunities for companies that are committed to being part of the solution. This event aims to support organisational leaders to explore this new territory in relation to the challenges you bring from your organisations.


David Hunter, Bates Wells Braithwaite
'B Corps' are a new kind of business which balances purpose with profit. BWB was the first UK law firm to achieve B Corporation certification. David Hunter is leading on how, as a B Corp, we can most effectively respond to the climate emergency.

Eoin McQuone, Sustainable Business Design
If you want to make a fundamental change to the way your business operates and the outcomes it creates, you need to address your business model. Business model innovations can create deeper more long-lasting customer relationships; they can improve competitiveness and profitability; they can create enduring shifts in your social and environmental impact. In this workshop you will be introduced to the fundamentals of business model design and the key tools you need to prototype and test new business models. By exploring case studies you will gain an understanding of how business model innovations can improve your sustainability outcomes and your financial performance.

Dick Baker, Future Considerations
Forward thinking organisations are making the shift from profit to purpose where doing business is a force for good in society (whether for profit or non profit). With examples like BCorp they are reimagining the workplace by experimenting with structures, processes and culture to inspire more meaningful, sustainable and generative ways of working needed to meet the great challenges of our time.

Neil Gilbride, University of Gloucestershire
In this engaging and energetic session, Neil Gilbride will guide you through the world of Complexity. Complexity is a fascinating topic – it can explain human evolution, plant biology, the notorious ‘butterfly’ effect and even why no matter how much planning you do, there is always something you miss. In short, complexity theory explains why what happens, happens. Understood properly, complexity theory can fundamentally change how we treat problems, how we perceive issues and how we understand our teams and organisations. Appreciating the complexity of the tasks in a day to day business, no matter how small or seemingly similar, can bulletproof our responses and help us to work with how the world REALLY works. Seeing the complexity in the changes around us, be it climate change, Brexit or specific issues within our own industry, can help us be better prepared, more responsive and more agile.

Fiona Ellis, personal and corporate coach
What is involved when an organisation declares a climate emergency? Fiona will help you explore the 5 steps an organisation can take to lead the way towards preparation declaring a climate and ecological emergency. Fiona is part of a group of business leaders establishing a Business Climate Emergency network in response to recent IPPC report and CBI, Bank of England warnings. She is interested in what the leadership and mindset shift needs to be to raise this issue within business organisations and challenge existing ways of doing things.

Rachel Savage, Brand New Story
During this session you will learn how stories shape the world around us and how to harness your Brand New Story® in support of the climate emergency. Creating your story not only humanises your brand, it also gives you a solid foundation in uncertain times and aligns you with your people, your customers and everyone else who shares the journey with you.

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