Falling Walls'/Berliner Zeitgeist Mail art exhibition submissions wanted

Falling Walls'/Berliner Zeitgeist Mail art exhibition - This year is the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the UK is exiting the EU. We are planning to create an exhibition of mail art that responds to the theme of 'Falling Walls'. The theme is inspired by the historical event of the Fall of the Berlin Wall but artists are invited to respond freely to the concept of 'Falling Walls'.

'Falling Walls' Mail Art Exhibition
1 - 16 November 2019

'Falling Walls' is a international mail art exhibition hosted by SVA as part of the project 'Berliner Zeitgeist' in Stroud, England. 'Berliner Zeitgeist' is an extensive autumn program with films, talks and artist lead events responding to the theme of the historical event of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and how it had so many effects on a personal and international level. It is a creative response to create positive connections with historical and political events in a time of Brexit and critical transition.

List of all Berliner Zeitgeist events here:http://www.atelierstroud.co.uk/berliner-zeitgeist/

During the exhibition we will host a Soup Versammlung in the gallery where we will facilitate a discussion around one of the themes of the project.

The exhibition will take place in John Street gallery, Stroud Valley Artspace (SVA), Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

The exhibition will move to the Nau gallery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where they will also a Soup Versammlung.

Open to all artists

Enter your art, postcard sized original piece – 4″x6″ on any flat surface (some depth acceptable, for example ceramic, collograph, carving, fabric, postcard, text etc.)

All mediums, all ages, all levels welcome.
• Create an original piece of art work, postcard size.
• Upload photo before you post the artwork. But we also welcome anonymous submissions.
• Submit 1-2 works as a response to the theme of 'Falling Walls'.
• 2D Size 10 x 15 cm (no frame)
• Send it by post to the gallery.
• Deadline for receiving 28th October
• Exhibition: 1 - 16 November 2019
• Your work will not be returned so please either send a copy or keep a copy before you send it
• Your work might be used digitally and will become part of a travelling exhibition
• A selection of images will be shared on social media platforms
• Work will be hung with small clips secured to wall

More information:
The Berliner Zeitgeist is a project curated by SVA, Uta Baldauf and Atelier.

Uta Baldauf is a German artist living in Stroud. www.utabaldauf.co.uk

Atelier is a makerspace that focuses on community projects, craft co-working and art events.

Stroud Valleys Artspace (SVA) provides artists studio space and presents a year round artistic and educational programme with the Site Festival and Jazz Stroud as annual highlight events. SVA programme exhibitions in the John St gallery as well as specially featured exhibitions and events for the Site Festival including installations and films showing the work of Luke Fowler (2016), Andrew Kotting (2016) Andy Holden (2015) Wood and Harrison (2014), Siobhan Hapaska (2013) and Darren Almond (2012) in partnership with Darbyshire and White Cube.