Tomas Millar – (independent), Millar + Howard Workshop

Tomas grew up in the Stroud Valleys and, after moving away for several years to study Architecture at Edinburgh University and then The Bartlett School of Architecture in London, he returned to Stroud to form Millar + Howard Workshop Architects.  As a teenager Tomas was actively involved with youth theatre in Stroud and helped form The Flies on the Wall theatre group, which continues to thrive today.  Tomas maintains an active role in the arts in Stroud, having helped to found the Stand + Stare immersive theatre group and worked with SVA on several site-specific projects.

Tomas enjoys the blurring of boundaries between different disciplines and how different art forms can learn from and influence each other, particularly the interplay between hand craft and digital technology.  He has a keen interest in how this can be used in innovative ways to enrich the way we live, work and play.  From flying video cameras on quadcopters to designing flat-pack laser-cut buildings, Tomas has a real enthusiasm for the ever-changing ways in which we can engage with the contemporary world.