Digital Strategy and Kitbag

Manifesto pledges: 1

Snapshot: ‘Art. Not what I expected’ was a campaign to change public perception of the arts, and raise the profile of arts in the region, piloted in the Stroud district (see for info). We are now building on the findings of the project with our digital strategy and kitbag.  

Priorities: Develop digital infrastructure to facilitate new online audience relationships, and drive resilience and sustainability of the sector. Raise awareness of the reach and scope of arts communities across the region.  Remove barriers from participation, enjoyment and understanding of the arts.

Coming up: From 'Art. Not what I expected' we learned about the potential to develop new online relationships between audiences and arts and cultural organisations; it also highlighted the need for better digital strategy and infrastructure across the region. We received support from Arts Council England to work with a small group of member organisations to develop a set of digital tools that can be franchised out for the benefit of the wider sector. The next stage is evaluation and business development, including R&D for a portal to arts and cultural activity in Gloucestershire.  More information about the Digital Kitbag is available on our 'Improve Impact' page. 

Key People: A full list venues and organisations who took part available at We are working closely with Oomph communications agency to develop digital tools and strategy. Our founder franchise group includes members and associates from across the region.

Investors: CG main budget and partners; Arts Council England through for the Arts

Last updated: 2/3/15