Our aim is to put art into the heart of Gloucestershire.  

Each of our members is a unique strand in the rich and diverse arts and cultural sector that stretches across the county. Create Gloucestershire was set up to knit this together into a more coherent offer for audiences, artists and funders.

Our shared ambition is for Gloucestershire to have:


1. A cultural life that is meaningful, fully accessible and affordable to all the people who live here and which is a honey pot for successful businesses and tourists. 

2. A vibrant community of artists who feel nurtured and celebrated from first steps through to international careers.

3. Audiences that are engaged, involved and diverse so that the best artists and companies want to work here.
4. Cultural venues, festivals and events across the six districts that welcome and generate fresh, inspiring and risk-taking work of an excellent standard.

5. First-class communication that shouts about and celebrates Gloucestershire’s cultural life.
6. Culture as a visible and cherished thread that runs through all strands of public policy – social, economic and environmental.

7. An educational opportunity for children and young people that introduces and teaches arts and creativity at school and in other settings with the same dedication that’s given to the teaching of numeracy and literacy.
8. Arts and culture “prescribed” as commonly as medicine, providing a preventative and therapeutic solution for those with health and emotional challenges.


This manifesto is still taking shape and we would be really interested to hear any ideas or thoughts you may have. Please click here to send a comment.