Membership and Associate Membership

Manifesto pledges: All

Snapshot: CG is a membership organisation. We currently have 24 members and 85 associate members representing a wide range of arts and culture, scales and geographical spread across the county. Details of how to become a member or associate are available on our website here.

Priorities: The better connected we are, the more powerful we are as a sector. Our associate member scheme enables anyone to connect to us: individual artists and producers, local authority venues and creative businesses are all part of the mix. It is through our membership that we are able to take collective action, so we want to continue to grow this family and enable many more people to be part of the conversation.

Coming up: If you are not currently a member but would like to receive our newsletter you can do so here. Our new website includes directory of members and associates, making it easier to find out who we work with and what they do. Our next member meeting will take place in autumn 2015.

Key People: Everyone!

Investors: CG and members

Last updated: 2/7/15