Prove and Improve collective evaluation framework

Manifesto pledges: All

Snapshot: With our members and evaluation specialists DHA and Praxis we have co-designed a new framework to collect data across a range of arts and cultural organisations across Gloucestershire.  The data will be used to underpin a new “prove and improve” framework for the sector, to prove the value created by public investment in the arts, and improve sector performance and thereby the offer for audiences.

Priorities: To create a better evidence base for the impact of arts and cultural work, helping artists and organisations make a stronger case for support; to facilitate improved dialogue with audiences, participants and volunteers; to enable reflection and learning through data sharing; to create a better picture of the whole arts and cultural sector in Gloucestershire.

Coming up: We have worked with members to design a toolkit to collect baseline data from artists and organisations across the county - this is live util 10th July, and anyone working in arts and culture in Gloucestershire is encouraged to fill it in via this form. We are currently researching more in depth case studies to accompany this important data. More information about this project is available on our 'Improve Impact' page. 

Key People: 15 members and associate members in the development group

Investors: Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Last updated: 2/7/15